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If you see this page, my nginx is successfully installed and working. Sending DMCA to my provider is not required.

For online documentation and support needs please refer to nginx.org.
Commercial support is available at nginx.com.

Windows 11 RTM ISO here.

Windows 11 build 21996, patched versions and other builds here

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A: Windows 365 available for download, email me and I will upload it to my server

Q: What is Weebows 11?

A: Windows 11 is M$ now leaked next OS. Leaked on Jun 15th 2021 and M$ is hunting people and DMCA any ISOs uploaded including me (very unlikely)

Q: Is this illegal?

A: Well yes but actually no, if it's illegal then who cares

Q: Any malicious shit or anything bundled in?

A: I'm not sure but be careful of anything

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For any what possible email trouble and servery problem: [email protected]